Ronald Adair

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

Fictional character.

In the Sherlock Holmes Stories

  • The Honourable Ronald Adair was the second son of the Earl of Maynooth. (EMPT, 13)
  • He was living with his mother and sister Hilda at 427 Park Lane. He had no enemies, and no particular vices. He had been engaged to Miss Edith Woodley, of Carstairs, but the engagement had been broken off by mutual consent some months before, and there was no sign that it had left any very profound feeling behind it. For the rest, the man's life moved in a narrow and conventional circle, for his habits were quiet and his nature unemotional. Yet it was upon this easy-going young aristocrat that death came in most strange and unexpected form between the hours of ten and eleven twenty on the night of March 30, 1894. He was fond of cards, playing continually, but never for such stakes as would hurt him. He was a member of the Baldwin, the Cavendish, and the Bagatelle Card Clubs. (EMPT, 14)
  • He was murdered by colonel Sebastian Moran on 30 march 1894 because Adair had discovered that Moran was cheating at cards. (EMPT, 374)