Sedgwick Hart-Styles: Prince of Danger

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Sedgwick Hart-Styles: Prince of Danger is an unaired TV pilot shot in 1965 by american director Bill Malone, produced by Don Post Studios, starring Paul Lynde as Sedgwick Hart-Styles, a turn-of-the-century sleuth who is London's second greatest detective of the age and Maurice Dallimore as Major Dobbs, a doctor friend.

Sedgwick Hart-Styles is an admirer of Sherlock Holmes, wears a deerstalker, and has a doctor friend, Major Dobbs. The show was a pilot for a proposed half-hour weekly series to be filmed at the 20th Century-Fox studios in Hollywood for ABC for possible debut in the fall of 1966. The idea was attributed to studio TV production head William Self, and the pilot was produced by William Asher.



  • Screenplay : William Self
  • Producer : William Asher

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