Shanghai Knights

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Shanghai Knights (2003)

Shanghai Knights is an American movie produced by Touchstone Pictures released on 3 February 2003 (USA). 114 min.

Sherlockian connections in the movie:

  • In the hall of Buckingham Palace, Roy looks at a clock where a plaque shows: "Sherlock Watchmakers, Holmes County, Ireland". So he takes the pseudo "Sherlock Holmes" to be officially announced.
  • Later on, Roy will disguised with a deerstalker, a MacFarlane and a calabash pipe.
  • The inspector of Scotland Yard, "Artie" is in fact "Arthur Conan Doyle". He is not very motivated by his profession and prefers to write novels. He has a talent of observation and deduction. His adventures with O'Bannon and Wang will give him the idea of writing the Sherlock Holmes stories.
  • The bad guy is named Lord Nelson Rathbone as a reference to the actor Basil Rathbone, who played Sherlock Holmes in 14 movies between 1939 and 1946.




  • Director : David Dobkin
  • Producers : Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Jonathan Glickman
  • Screenplay : Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
  • Music : Randy Edelman