Sherlock Brown

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia
The Macon News (18 june 1922, p. 11)

Sherlock Brown is an American silent movie produced by Metro Pictures Corporation, released on 18 june 1922 (in USA). Black & White. 6 reels. 4800 feet.

The formula for the world's most powerful explosive is stolen from the U. S. Government. The secret service is baffled; but William Brown, who got his badge from a Kansas detective agency, picks up the clue. He recovers the missing envelope but gives it to an accomplice of the thieves. Believing the envelope safe he proceeds to claim the reward from the chief of the secret service. He is exposed, ridiculed and his tin badge crushed under-foot. Once more he picks up the trail. He remembered that the woman to whom he gave the envelope used sandlewood scent. He smells everything and everybody until he recovers the missing documents and wins the reward of a real detective's badge, and the love of the girl.

Survival status: Presumed lost.