Sherlock Holmes, au nom de la reine ! (play 2020)

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Sherlock Holmes, au nom de la reine ! (2020)

Sherlock Holmes, au nom de la reine ! (Sherlock Holmes, in the Name of the Queen!) is a French play, written by Félicien Chauveau and Claude Boué, directed by Félicien Chauveau, performed at the Anthéa Antipolis Theatre (Antibes, France) from 8-25 january 2020 (21 performances), starring Guillaume Geoffroy as Sherlock Holmes and Félicien Chauveau as Dr. Watson.

London, 1881. The private detective Sherlock Holmes, assisted by his new roommate, Dr. Watson, brilliantly solves the case known as "The Study in Scarlet". Now famous and well-established, he becomes a consultant for Scotland Yard, which is struggling to channel the sprawling criminal machinations of a mysterious secret organization. Sherlock Holmes will have to fight against the charms of the bewitching Irene Adler in order to thwart the Machiavellian plans of the infamous Professor Moriarty. Holmes then plunges into an incredible and terrifying hunt, the only possible outcome seems to be his own downfall.




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  • Director : Félicien Chauveau
  • Playwright : Félicien Chauveau, Claude Boué
  • Art Director : Jean-Baptiste Nallino
  • Dramaturgy : Frédéric de Goldfiem
  • Lights : Sébastien Michelet
  • Music : Merak Hazan
  • Costumes : Sophie Visentin
  • Director Assistant : Nikita Cornuault
  • Assistants : Melissa Polonie, Naïri Casabianca, Sandro Renga