Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet (play 2017)

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The whole cast.

Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet is a British play, written and directed by Damian Freddi, performed by the Nightshade Productions outside the Golden Fleece Inn (York, UK) from 26 july to 13 august 2017, starring Amy Whitrod Brown as Sherlock Holmes and Sarah Kerr as Jane Wilberfoss (JW). 90 minutes.

The audience will follow Jane Wilberfoss, a war-veteran doctor newly returned from Afghanistan, on her quest to reunite with her troubled friend Lady Josephina Carmicle, who has sent her a desperate plea for help. Applying their trademark combination of historical storytelling and immersive street theatre, Nightshade brings to life the first meeting between Jane and her long-time companion Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective. One is still haunted by conflicts past as she struggles to find meaning in a bleak Victorian city; the other is alone, addicted and alienated.




Amy Whitrod Brown (Sherlock Holmes) & Sarah Kerr (Jane Wilberfoss)