Sherlock Holmes: A Working Hypothesis

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Sherlock Holmes: A Working Hypothesis (2014)

Sherlock Holmes: A Working Hypothesis is a British play produced by Flanagan Collective Production, written by Alexander Wright and directed by Tom Bellerby, premiered on 11 august 2014 at York City Council Chambers (UK), starring Dominic Allen as Sherlock Holmes and George Williams as Dr. Watson.

Instead of adapting an existing Sherlock Holmes story, Wright has drawn on elements of Conan Doyle's works and has developed a new adventure. The action takes place 3 years after the Reichenbach Falls. Sherlock Holmes, posing as a Professor of Criminology, gives a lecture on himself, the great detective and master of deduction. Presumed dead by his closest friend Dr. John Watson the pair quickly reunite and hurtle headlong into a new mystery. Their arch-nemesis, Moriarty is at large and ready for one final battle...




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  • 11 august - 21 september 2014 : York City Council Chambers (York, UK)
  • 7-12 october : Playhouse theatre (Manchester, UK)
  • 14, 24, 25, 26 october 2014 : Rural Touring (Beresford, UK)


  • 11 may 2015 : Blackwells Bookshop (Oxford, UK)

Credits : James Drury, Ben Bentley (photos).