Sherlock Holmes: The Musical (1988)

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Sherlock Holmes: The Musical (Cambridge Theatre, 1989)

Sherlock Holmes: The Musical is a 2-act British musical play, written by Leslie Bricusse and directed by George Roman, performed at the Northcott Theatre (Exeter, UK) from 22 october 1988 (five weeks) and at Cambridge Theatre (London, UK) from 24 april 1989 to 8 july 1989, starring Ron Moody as Sherlock Holmes and Derek Waring as Dr. Watson.

In april 2013 Leslie Bricusse worked with the Morphic Graffiti theatre company to revise and revamp the show and was renamed The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes! including some new material never previously performed.

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  • Director : George Roman
  • Musical Director : Cyril Ornadel
  • Playwright (music & lyrics) : Leslie Bricusse
  • Set Design : Sean Cavannagh
  • Costumes : Anthony Mendleson
  • Musical Supervisor : Ian Fraser
  • Choreography : Christine Cartwright
  • Lighting : Mark Henderson
  • Sound Design : Andy Pink


Act I

  • Sherlock Holmes "Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Higgins, Irregulars & Company"
  • Without Him, There Can Be No Me "Holmes, Watson"
  • Anything You Want to Know "Irregulars"
  • Look Around You (Revival Cast Only - Robert Powell) "Holmes, Watson, Lestrade"
  • London Is London "Wiggins, Mossop, Bella & Company"
  • Her Face "Watson"
  • Discombobulate
  • Men Like You "Holmes, Bella"
  • A Lousy Life "Mrs. Hudson"
  • I Shall Find Her "Holmes, Bella, Watson, Wiggins, Irregulars & Company"

Act II

  • Vendetta "Bella, Mrs. Moriarty"
  • Sherlock Holmes (Reprise) "Watson, Mrs Hudson, Wiggins, Irregulars & Company"
  • No Reason "Holmes"
  • Halcyon Days "Watson, Boffy"
  • Without Him, There Can Be No Me (Reprise) "Bella"
  • The Lord Abides In London (Revival Cast) "Bella, Salvation Army, Irregulars"
  • Down the Apples 'n' Pears "Costermonger, Bella & Company"
  • We Shall Find Her "Men"
  • My Incomparable Best (Revival Cast)
  • A Million Years Ago - Or Was It Yesterday? "Bella, Moriarty"
  • The Best Of You, The Best Of Me "Holmes, Bella"
  • Finale: Sherlock Holmes "Company"