Sherlock Holmes și Jack Spintecătorul (play 2020 with Șerban Gomoi)

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Sherlock Holmes și Jack Spintecătorul (2020)

Sherlock Holmes și Jack Spintecătorul (Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper) is a Romanian play, written by Cata Munar and co-written and directed by Ricard Reguant, performed at the Teatrul Avangardia (Bucharest, Romania) from 4 april 2020, starring Șerban Gomoi as Sherlock Holmes and Mihai Calin as Dr. Watson. 2h10 (without intermission).

Theatre description : « London of the 1880s. A series of horrific crimes in Whitechapel are shaking public opinion. Inspector Lestrade, desperate for the situation and the media pressure, arrives at Baker street 221B to hire the famous detective Sherlock Holmes who, together with the indispensable doctor Watson, will start the investigations to find and reveal the terrible criminal nicknamed Jack the Ripper. During the investigation, they will also meet the famous spy Irene Adler. »


© Photos : Teatrul Avangardia.