Sherlock Holmes (play 2016 with Julian Farrance)

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Sherlock Holmes (2016)

Sherlock Holmes is a British play, written by William Gillette and directed by Andy Marchant, performed by The Tower Theatre company at the Bridewell Theatre (London, UK) from 13 to 17 december 2016, starring Julian Farrance as Sherlock Holmes and Robert Irvine as Dr. Watson.

This is an adaptation of the William Gillette's play : Sherlock Holmes (1899).


© Photo credit : David Sprecher.



  • Director : Andy Marchant
  • Playwrights : William Gillette, Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Set Design : Lisa Castle
  • Costume Design : Jessica Hammett, Naomi Liddle
  • Costume Design Assistants : Sage Bowman, Lily Ann Coleman
  • Lighting Design : Robin Snowdon
  • Sound Design : Laurence Tuerk
  • Fight Choreographer : Richard Kirby
  • Stage Manager : Stephen Brasher
  • Assistant Director : James McKendrick
  • ASM : Richard Pedersen
  • Lighting Operator : Adam Taylor, Alys Grenier
  • Sound Operator : Jessie Baker
  • Set Construction and Get-in : Keith Syrett, Michael Bettell, Jude Chalk, Rosie Shipman, Phillip Ley, John McSpadyen, Zahra Mansouri, Dom Ward and members of the cast & crew