Sherlock Holmes (play 2016 with Rakan Rushaidat)

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Sherlock Holmes (2016)

Sherlock Holmes is a Croatian play, written by Ana Tonković Dolenčić and directed by Krešimir Dolenčić, performed at the Zagrebačko Kazalište Mladih (Zagreb Youth Theatre) (Zagreb, Croatia) from 15 october 2016, starring Rakan Rushaidat as Sherlock Holmes and Filip Nola as Dr. Watson. 85 minutes.

Sherlock Holmes investigates an unusual and complicated conspiracy where no one is beyond doubt, even the English Crown. Apparently unconnected cases lead to Professor Moriarty, the genial criminal and to Irene Adler, the only woman Sherlock ever failed to forget. Faced with his eternal demons, Holmes finds himself beyond the greatest challenge of his career, and the future of the world depends from his brilliant mind.


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  • Director : Krešimir Dolenčić
  • Playwright : Ana Tonković Dolenčić
  • Scene Illustrations : Vedran Klemens
  • Costumes : Tea Bašić
  • Composer : Stanko Juzbašić
  • Stage Movement Designer : Blaženka Kovač Carić
  • Set Designer : Tanja Lacko
  • Light Design : Aleksandar Čavlek
  • Violin : Vlatka Peljhan
  • Music editor : Davor Rocco
  • Assistant Director : Rajna Racz
  • Assistant Director : Vedran Komerički
  • Assistant Costume Designer : Marta Žegura