Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Jersey Lily (play 2014 with Keegan Doyle)

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Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily is an American play, written by Katie Forgette and directed by Austin Lutz, performed by the Willow Canyon High School at the Theatre Xavier (Cincinnati, OH, USA) from 14 to 23 november 2014, starring Keegan Doyle as Sherlock Holmes and Nate Hollis as Dr. Watson.

The cunning of Sherlock Holmes and his stalwart partner, Dr. John Watson, meet the wit of Oscar Wilde and the lovely, charming actress, Mrs. Lillie Langtry, as they seek to solve a mystery in this exciting new play involving blackmail, theatre, love... and Holmesian villains aplenty.


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  • Student Director : Austin Lutz
  • Playwright : Katie Forgette
  • Student Producer : Max Winkeljohn
  • Student Photographer : Colin Shimrock
  • Production Assistants : Ryan Dwyer, Drew Fitzgerald, Declan McDonough, Joey Pace, Ryan Smith, Blaise Sobrano
  • Costumes Heads : Rachel Neltner, Erin Raffenberg
  • Costume : Dylan Chambers, Kaitlin Hempel, Lili Prophater, Mira Bauer
  • Lights & Sound Head : Adam Zink
  • Lights & Sound : Robert Anderson, Joseph Carmichael, Brian Grinstead, Alex Grisby, Willem Van Der Werff
  • Production : Alex Dwyer, Katie Heskamp, Brian Wenstrup
  • Crew Heads : Alex Adrian, Karly Hasselfeld, Sarah Woroncow
  • Props : Kevin Ballachino, Jimmy Franklin, Liesl Hasselfeld, Meg Hessling, Karly Hofmann, Haley Hunt, Will Kramer, Maddi Liesch, Emily McCormick, Mary Kate McCormick, Marley Molkentin, Adam Neltner, Sarah Neltner, Jake Pitstick, Melanie Schoepf, Jacob Shoaf, & Caroline Spurr
  • Stage & Building Heads : Drew Berling, Andrew Martin
  • Stage & Building : John Billmann, Nick Castellini, Brenden Collins, John D'Alessandro, T.J. Erb, Andrew Gilkey, Eric Glowacki, Will Graham, Joe Hemmer, Patrick Hobing, Tyler Huesman, Will Jossart, Andrew Kaiser, Justin Kallschmidt, Ben Maxfield, Austin McMahon, Jonathan Menden, Nick Seifert, Julia Stumbo, Max Williams, Jon Wilson, Jake Winans