Sherlock Holmes and the Black Men

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Sherlock Holmes and the Black Men (2012)

Sherlock Holmes and the Black Men (Шерлок Холмс и Чёрные Человечки) is an Ukrainian animated cartoon aired between 24 and 26 december 2012, directed by Alexander Bubnov and starring Aleksei Kolgan as the voice of Sherlock Holmes and other characters. 6 parts. 39 min.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are investigating on the complicated case of an explosion and fire at the Admiralty and the theft of secret documents from the safe.

This is a sequel of the 2005 cartoon: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: The Murder of Lord Waterbrook.



  • Sherlock Holmes / Dr. Watson : voice of Aleksei Kolgan (Алексей Колган)
  • Women voices : voice of Larissa Brohman (Лариса Брохман)


  • Director : Alexander Bubnov
  • Screenplay : Alexander Bubnov
  • Art Director : Alexander Bubnov, Irina Kovtun
  • Animators : Alexander Bubnov, Tamyana Gagurina, Igor Homenko
  • Music: Evgeny and Alexander Galperin
  • Sound : Sergei Anisenko
  • Dubbing : Oleg Kulchytsky (Studio Le Doyen)
  • Artists : Viktoria Berezina, Inna Romaniuk
  • Assistant Director : Olga Aksenova
  • Composer: Mikhail Slavov
  • Holmes' solo violin : German Safonov