Sherlock Holmes i Bondefangerkløer

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Otto Lagoni as Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes i Bondefangerkløer (Sherlock Holmes in Conman Claws) is a Danish silent movie released on 10 december 1910, produced by Nordisk Film Co., starring Otto Lagoni as Sherlock Holmes. 266 meters. Black & White.

Other titles:

  • Den Stjaalne Tegnbog (The Stolen Wallet)
  • A Confidence Trick (USA) 8 april 1911

Survival status: Exists in Denmark.


12 minutes Excerpt


  • Sherlock Holmes : Otto Lagoni
  • Bill Barrett : ?
  • Other actors: Axel Boelsen, Rigmor Jerichau, Victor Fabian, Ellen Kornbech (?), Ella La Cour (?), Aage Lorentzen (?)



  • 1. Choosing the victim
  • 2. Sherlock Holmes is informed
  • 3. The broken window
  • 4. Arrested


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A Confidence Trick (Great Britain) - This detective story will please any audience. Some of the complications in it are more than ordinarily interesting and will keep the people guessing until the denouement. The photography is clear and the acting is excellent. There are a number of thrills introduced which help in maintaining the interesting features at a high standard.

  • Titles credits : The Great Northern Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Bjarne Nielsen (Pinkerton, 1997)