Sherlock Holmes y el destripador

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Sherlock Holmes y el destripador (2018)

Sherlock Holmes y el destripador (Sherlock Holmes and the Ripper) is a Spanish play, written by Hellen Salfas and directed by Ricard Reguant, performed at the Teatre Apolo (Barcelona, Spain) from 14 september to 26 december 2018, starring Arnau Puig as Sherlock Holmes and Javier Enguix as Dr. Watson. 2h.

London 1888. In the Whitechapel neighborhood, atrocious crimes are being committed, whose victims always turn out to be young prostitutes. Inspector Lestrade, desperate about the situation, goes to 221b Baker Street to hire the services of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. With his inseparable Dr. Watson, they investigate to discover the murderer who calls himself "Jack the Ripper". They will be joined by the popular spy Irene Adler.




© Photos : Teatre Apolo.



  • Director : Ricard Reguant
  • Playwright : Hellen Salfas
  • Adaptation : Cata Munar, Ricard Reguant
  • Scenography : CajaNegra TAM
  • Lights : Marc Lleixà
  • Costumes : Jordi Dalmau
  • Music : Pep Sala
  • Photography : Carlos Ruiz