Sir A. Conan Doyle and Bishop Phelan

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Sir A. Conan Doyle and Bishop Phelan is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Argus (Melbourne, Australia) on 4 november 1920.

Sir A. Conan Doyle and Bishop Phelan

The Argus (4 november 1920)


Sir, — Allow me to say to Bishop Phelan that to classify spiritual manifestations inside his own church as angelic, and those outside it as diabolical, is a device which can only make the world smile, and comes with a particularly bud grace from one who represents the church which has just canonised in Joan of Arc one of the greatest and most typical mediums who ever lived. It is prelates of this type who have continually put their venerable church in the wrong, and driven men of brains and independence out of it, by opposing every new truth from the days of Galileo and Giordano Bruno onwards. It is strange that past errors do not teach them wisdom — Yours, &c.,

Grand Hotel, Nov. 2.