Spiritual Deadness. Sir Conan Doyle Explains

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Spiritual Deadness is an article written by a journalist of The Argus (Melbourne, Australia) on 11 january 1921.

Spiritual Deadness. Sir Conan Doyle Explains

The Argus (11 january 1921)

Sir Conan Doyle Explains.

BRISBANE, Sunday. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle arrived here yesterday and will continue his spiritualistic campaign. His attention was directed to a cable message from London, published on Saturday, in which he was reported as having complained of the "spiritual deadness" of Australians. He explained that the opinions published in the "International Psychic Gazette" had reference only to his experience in Melbourne where "The Argus" boycotted him completely, though other newspapers treated but little better. He had been favourably impressed with the high tide of spiritual life in Sydney but had been still more pleased with the wonderful sympathy and appreciation shown him in New Zealand.