Spiritualism and Religion (The Occult Review)

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Spiritualism and Religion is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in The Occult Review in december 1925.

Spiritualism and Religion

The Occult Review
(december 1925, p. 385)

To the Editor of the Occult Review.

Sir, — It is strange to see you in your editorial notes raising doubts as to whether spiritualism is a religion. There are more than 400 Spiritualist Churches in this country, and their number increases rapidly. In America there are as many. Twenty-five nations sent delegates to the recent Congress at Paris. Is it to be supposed that this Congress was a scientific body?

Such writers as Andrew Jackson Davis, Stainton Moses, or George Vale Owen represent religion as derived from direct modern inspiration received from the higher spheres. Such phenomena as you quote in the case of Mrs. Crandon are not themselves religious but they are designed to draw attention to the spiritual truths which lie behind them.

Yours faithfully,


[Some remarks in justification of my contention will be found in the Notes of the Month. — Ed.]