Stella Artois (TV commercial 2016)

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Stella Artois

Never Heard of It is a TV commercial spot produced by Biscuit Filmworks and directed by Andreass Nilsson (Mother London Agency) for Stella Artois' beer aired on 7 july 2016 during the Wimbledon tournament of Tennis.

The spot takes us back to the Victorian era in 1877, year of the first tournament. A Wimbledon ticket seller try in vain to flog seats at the tennis matches to an array of quirky Victorian characters — including a magician, a circus strongman, a bunch of chimney sweeps and even Sherlock Holmes. Sadly for him, they all reply "Never heard of it." Eventually, he gives up and heads to a bar, where the barman offers him a taste of an unknown beer from Belgium, called Stella Artois.