Teignbridge v. M.C.C.

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Teignbridge v. M.C.C. is a cricket result published in the East & South Devon Advertiser on 23 august 1902.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (M.C.C.) won.

Teignbridge v. M.C.C.

East & South Devon Advertiser (23 august 1902, p. 8)

This match was commenced on the Teignbridge ground on Wednesday. The home side went in first but made a poor start, Brunskill being bowled with only 5 runs scored, and with only 9 runs added Martin was dismissed. Of the other batsmen, H. A. Francis was the only one to makes good stand, and he carried out his bat for an admirable 55, in which he hit one 5, three 4's, and six two's. The innings realised 121. Geeson and Hearne bowled with effect, the former taking 5 wickets for 47 runs, and Hearne 5 for 64. When stumps were drawn for the day the visitors had made 111 for 5 wickets, Geeson having batted well for 44 and Hearne for 28. Play was resumed on Thursday before a large attendance and in lovely weather. The visitors increased their overnight score to 168 before being dismissed. Murrell handled the bat in fine style for 51. L. G. Vicary and G. C. Vicary did some good work with the ball. In their second venture the home team again experienced difficulty in dealing with the bowling of Geeson and Hearse, and were disposed of for 106, towards which J. N. Martin contributed a capital 41. The visitors required 60 runs to win, and these they obtained for the lose of 4 wickets, and thus won by 6 wickets. Scores:—

M.C.C. — First innings — Sir A Conan Doyle b G Vicary 1, G C Hearne b L Vicary 28, Captain F W Foley c Kench b G Vicary 3, Geeson b L Vicary 44, Atfield b L G Vicary 16, C G Pope c Brunskill b G Vicary 4, Murrell b G C Vicary 51, Captain Monkton b L G Vicary 0, Captain Bradford not out 0, Captain Burgess b L G Vicary 2, F W Ingwall c and b G C Vicary 0, extras 19 — total 168. Second innings — Sir A. Conan Doyle b L G Vicary 31, Captain Bradford b L G Vicary 10, Captain F W Foley l b w b L G Vicary 0, Captain Monkton c Bench b L G Vicary 8, F W Ingwall not out 3, C G Pope not out 4, extras 5 — total (for 4 wickets) 61.

TEIGNBRIDGE — First innings — H Brunskill c Hearne b Geeson 1, J N Martin b Geeson 11, A Hingston b Hearne 14, H A Francis not out 55, H Kench b Geeson 8, W S Gwynn b Hearne 0, G C Vicary c Murrell b Geeson 13, H V I Watts l b w b Hearne 1, Rev. A T Pelham b Hearne 3, L G Vicary, b Geeson 4, C W Birch b Hearne 1 extras 10 — total 121. Second innings — H F Brunskill c Sir A Conan Doyle b Hearne 3, H Kench b Geeson 5, A Hingston c Atfield b Geeson 8, H A Francis b Hearne 6, I N Martin l b w b Geeson 41, W S Gwynn b Geeson 1, G C Vicary b Hearne 12, H V I Watts b Geeson 9, Rev. A T Pelham not out 5, L G Vicary b Geeson 0, C W Birch b Hearne 6, extras 10 — total 106.