The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence (play 2016 with Kyle Brincks)

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The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence (2016)

The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence is an American play written by Madeleine George, directed by Martin Gold, performed by the Unit 14 Theatre Company at The Highland Park Community House (Highland Park, IL, USA) from 3 to 5 august 2016 (3 performances), starring Kyle Brincks as Dr. Watson.

Kyle Brincks played 4 Watsons (Dr. John H. Watson dressed as Sherlock Holmes ; IBM's computer named Watson ; Thomas A. Watson, Alexander G. Bell's assistant ; and Watson, an IT guy). There is no Sherlock Holmes character in the play.




  • Director : Martin Gold
  • Playwright : Madeleine George
  • Assistant Directors : Jed Rutstein, Brandon Whitehead
  • Technical Director : Xavier Kwong
  • Assistant Technical Director : Jack Koch
  • Scenic Designer : Haley Feiler
  • Costume Designer : Sam DeBell
  • Costume Hand : Maya Garfinkel
  • Lighting Designer : Griffin Boo
  • Lighting Operator : Jack Koch
  • Sound Designer : Haley Feiler
  • Stage Manager : Annie Fishbein, Savannah Grinnell
  • Executive Producer : Allen Wehner
  • Assistant Producer : Abby Kisicki
  • Social Media Director : Arielle Kimbarovsky
  • Production Crew : Liat Benezra, Lily Janson, Drew Swanson