The Adventure of the Speckled Band (TV episode 1949)

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Arthur Shields introducing the episode

The Adventure of the Speckled Band was originally created as a pilot for a Sherlock Holmes TV series but it finally became the 10th episode of season 1 of "Your Show Time" TV series (USA) produced by Realm Television Productions, starring Alan Napier (Holmes) and Melville Cooper (Watson). Aired on 25 march 1949. 26 minutes. Sponsored by Lucky Strike.

The story is an adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle's short story : The Adventure of the Speckled Band (1892).

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  • Director : Sobey Martin
  • Screenplay : Walter Doniger
  • Producer : Stanley Rubin
  • Production Supervisor : R. E. Abel
  • Cinematography : William Bradford
  • Editor : Daniel Cahn
  • Art Director : Eugene Lourie
  • Musical Supervisor : William Lava
  • Assistant Director : Clarence Eurist