The Case of Lady Sannox (TV episode 1949)

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The Case of Lady Sannox (1949)

The Case of Lady Sannox is the 17th episode of the season 2 of the American TV series Suspense, produced by Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), aired on 27 december 1949. 27 minutes.

The episode is a quite faithful adaptation of the Conan Doyle's short story: The Case of Lady Sannox (1893).

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  • Lady Sannox : Stella Adler
  • Dr. Douglas Stone : Henry Brandon
  • Lord Sannox / Hamil Ali : Berry Kroeger
  • Sir Arthur : ?
  • Mr. Canada : ?
  • Tim (Douglas' butler) : ?
  • Housekeeper :  ?
  • Old turk : ?
  • John (Sannox' butler) : ?
  • Inspector Thomas : ?
  • Attendee woman #1 : ?
  • Attendee woman #2 : ?
  • Attendee man : ?


  • Director : Robert Stevens
  • Producer : Robert Stevens
  • Screenplay : Robert Wallsten

Plot summary (spoiler)

Lady Sannox, the toast of London society, carries on an obvious affair with Douglas Stone, an arrogant, young surgeon. Lord Sannox, a retired star of the stage, is thought to be a clueless old man unaware of the liaison. After discussing with the Lady his plan to murder her husband so they can marry, Stone is hired by a desperate Turkish man to perform a questionable operation on his wife which has been poisoned on the lip. Dr. Stone has to operate the poor woman without seeing the whole face as the muslims don't tolerate stranger to see woman's face. Dr. Stone accepts and he surgically remove the upper lip from the turkish woman. But just after the mutilation, Stone understand that he disfigured his mistress... As the Turkish man was Lord Sannox disguised who planned this awful vengeance upon his wife and her lover.