The Edalji Case. Letter from the Father

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The Edalji Case. Letter from the Father is a collection of 8 letters published in The Daily Telegraph on 21 january 1907 including one written by Shapurji Edalji, George Edalji's father, one by George Edalji himself, and one written by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Below is reproduced the Conan Doyle letter only. The Shapurji Edalji's letter is here, and the George Edalji's is here.

The Edalji Case. Letter from the Father

The Daily Telegraph (21 january 1907, p. 9)

Mr. Kenneth Scotts Diagnosis.

To the Editor of "The Daily Telegraph."

Sir — I observe that in your issue to-day Mr. Livesey says that I abandon my hair argument as a small detail. For this statement there is no foundation at all. My words, after discussing the point, were : "I ask your readers to raise their thoughts from small details and to realise the general hypothesis." Is this to abandon an argument Mr. Livesey has repeatedly misstated my arguments in this discussion. It would save time and space if he would re-read them before he attacks them. — Yours faithfully,

Jan. 19.