The Fighting Eagle

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Poster (1927)

The Fighting Eagle is a 54 min. silent american movie released on 14 august 1927 in New York and 29 august 1927 in the USA. The movie was filmed at Culver Studios (California) and produced by Cecil B. DeMille Pictures Corporation.

Other titles:

  • Le Brigadier Gérard (France)
  • O Cavalheiro Ousado (Brazil)
  • Under Napoleons Ørn (Denmark)
  • Águilas triunfantes (Spain)
  • O Brigadeiro Gerard (Portugal) 19 February 1929

The Fighting Eagle was freely adapted by screenwriter Douglas Z. Doty from a play by Conan Doyle (Adventures of Brigadier Gerard) written in 1903.




  • Director : Donald Crisp
  • Producer : Cecil B. DeMille
  • Screenplay : Douglas Z. Doty
  • Cinematography : J. Peverell Marley
  • Film editing : Barbara Hunter
  • Art direction : Mitchell Leisen
  • Assistant Director : Emile de Ruelle
  • Costumes : Adrian