The Final Problem (play 2019)

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The Final Problem (2019)

The Second Stain is a Canadian 1-act play, adapted and directed by Albertus Koett, performed at the Nickle Studio (Red Deer, AB, Canada) from 21 to 23 february 2019, starring Jason Steele as Sherlock Holmes and Paul Sutherland as Dr. Watson.

This is an adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle's short story : The Adventure of the Final Problem (1893).

The play is part of a series of play started in fall 2017 : The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (2017-2019).


© Photos : David Dinan.



  • Director : Albertus Koett
  • Playwright : Albertus Koett (adaptation)
  • Stage Manager : Braden Guido
  • Costume Design : Gwen McCagg
  • Light Design : Braden Guido
  • Set/Sound Design : Albertus Koett
  • Properties Design : Shelby Wiley
  • Assistant Stage Manager : Rachel Wilkes
  • Production Manager : Nicole Leal