The Lost World (promenade 2009)

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The Lost World (2009)

The Lost World is a British "promenade" production performed by Roustabout company inside the Old Vic Theatre (Bristol, UK) from 3 to 19 april 2009.

The Lost World is an interactive performance adventure, moving through different areas of the Old Vic theatre. It is created by Bristol director and playwright Toby Hulse, and Vicky Andrews of Bristol based puppet company Pickled Image, who have an international reputation for their stunning and eccentric visual style. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novel The Lost World is the book chosen this year for Bristol's Big Read and is being enjoyed across the city and as far afield as Edinburgh as part of the celebrations of Darwin's 200th and Conan Doyle's 150th birthdays.



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  • Gladys : Eliza Collings
  • Explorer : Robin Hemmings
  • The Overlord : Alasdair Buchan
  • ? : Angus Barr
  • ? : Oliver Millingham
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  • Director : Toby Hulse
  • Playwright : Toby Hulse
  • Designer : Vicky Andrews
  • Associate Director : Hal Chambers
  • Assistant Designer : Rachael A. Smith
  • Sound : Nathan Ng

Plot summary

During Bristol Old Vic's closure the Studio has been used as a storage facility by the City Museum, housing exhibits far too dangerous to be shown to the general public. Most dangerous of all are the sealed crates containing the remains of Professor Challenger's ill-fated expedition to South America, an expedition to reveal the secrets of Maple White Land, the lost world where prehistoric monsters still roam free. But now crates have been found empty, broken open from the inside, and the whole terrifying story is set to explode again. Do you dare enter the Studio and discover the truth?