The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes

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The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes (2016)

The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holmes is an American musical play written by John Reeger and directed by Warner Crocker, performed by the Mercury Theater Chicago at the Mercury Theater Chicago from 20 january to 20 march 2016, starring Michael Aaron Lindner as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Nick Sandys Pullin as Sherlock Holmes.

The musical begins with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writing "The Final Problem," in which his famous detective is killed off. When the public reads that Mr. Holmes has been done in, everyone from Churchill to Conan Doyle's own family is up-in-arms. Besieged by telephone calls and angry mobs outside his home, Conan Doyle flees London to escape the harassment. Surprisingly, he finds a much more challenging problem awaiting him when out of the evening mist steps Sherlock Holmes. And so begins a battle of wits between the author — who wants his character dead — and character — who demands to be revived to preserve his legacy. The writer and his creation are off together solving the real-life crime of "The Wyrley Ripper" (George Edalji case).



"Three Pipe Problem"


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  • Director : Warner Crocker
  • Playwright : John Reeger
  • Music and Lyrics : Julie Shannon, Michael Mahler
  • Musical Director : Michael Mahler
  • Scenic Design : Scott Davis
  • Lighting Design : Yael Lubetzky
  • Wig/Hair Design : Katie Cordts
  • Sound Design : Joe Court, Mike Ross
  • Movement Consultant : Katie Spelman
  • Properties Design : DJ Reed
  • Orchestrator/Keyboard Programmer : Matt Deitchman
  • Conductor / Keys : Linda Madonia
  • Violin : Elena Spiegel
  • Cello : Kelsee Vandervall
  • Horn in F : Sarah Younker
  • Piccolo/Flute/Clarinet/Bass Clarinet : Miles Tesar
  • Production Stage Manager : Kristi J. Martens
  • Production Assistant : Fernando Alvarez, Jr.



  • The End : Orchestra
  • Look What He's Done! : Company
  • I've Had Enough : Doyle, Ivy, Louise, Company
  • This Moment : Louise
  • A Trip to the Country : Louise, Ivy
  • Right Here in Wyrley : Molly, Pierce, Sharp, Stillman
  • Just Your Ears : Holmes, Doyle
  • What's Your Pleasure, Georgie? : Prison Warders
  • What's Your Pleasure, Georgie? (reprise) : Edalji
  • Case Closed  : Campbell, Holmes, Doyle
  • A Three Pipe Problem  : Doyle, Holmes
  • Right Here in Wyrley : Campbell, Sharp, Stillman, Molly, Pierce


  • How Many? : Londoners
  • Through a Prism : Charlotte, Rev. Edalji
  • A Three Pipe Problem (reprise) : Holmes, Doyle
  • Get Out : Stillman
  • More Than Me : a cloaked figure
  • This Moment (reprise) : Doyle
  • A Trip to the Country (reprise) : Louise, Doyle, Holmes
  • Look What He’s Done! (reprise) : Vendor, Ivy, Londoners
  • This Moment (reprise) : Doyle
  • Finale : The Game’s Afoot : Holmes, Doyle