The Perfect Crime

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The Perfect Crime (1957)

The Perfect Crime is the 3rd episode in season 3 of the American TV series Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955-1962). Aired on 20 october 1957. 25 min.

The story has nothing sherlockian but Alfred Hitchcock introduces the episode wearing a deerstalker and smoking a calabash pipe... with soap bubbles instead the smoke !



  • Director : Alfred Hitchcock
  • Screenplay : Stirling Silliphant (teleplay), Ben Ray Redman (story)
  • Producer : Joan Harrison

Plot summary (spoiler)

John Gregory, a lawyer, meets the famous detective Charles Courtney, who prides himself on never having committed a single mistake in his long and distinguished career, and prove him that he convicted an innocent man. The detective kills the lawyer and burn him in his oven, thinking having made the perfect crime. He uses the remains of the corpse to build a ceramic vase. Two years later, his housekeeper breaks the vase while sweeping the shelves and find some gold and teeth in the broken pieces. The famous detective is arrested.