The Return of Sherlock Holmes (play 2018)

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The Return of Sherlock Holmes (2018)

The Return of Sherlock Holmes is an American play, adapted by Timothy N. Evers and directed by Melissa Flower, performed at the Classical Theatre Company (CTC) (Houston, TX, USA) from 3 to 21 october 2018, starring John Johnston as Sherlock Holmes and Andrew J. Love as Dr. Watson.

The play is a mix of Arthur Conan Doyle's short stories : The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter (1893) and The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton (1904).


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  • Director : Melissa Flower
  • Playwright : Timothy N. Evers
  • Costumes : Rachel Clinkscales
  • Lighting Designer : Mitchell Cronin
  • Scenic Designer : Liz Freese
  • Sound Designer : Jon Harvey
  • Properties Designer : Tina Montgomery