The Stonyhurst Figaro

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The Stonyhurst Figaro is a 2 penny themebook co-founded by Arthur (Conan) [1] Doyle and Arthur Roskell in november 1873 when they were students at the Stonyhurst College, Lancashire, UK.

There is no record of this magazine so it is unclear if it was really printed or just hand-written. Conan Doyle gave the summary of volume 1 in an october 1873 letter to his mother:

The Stonyhurst Figaro (november 1873)

  • The Figaro's Prospects (poem by Arthur Roskell)
  • Some Wicked Jokes (article by Arthur Doyle)
  • The Students Dream (poem by Arthur Roskell)
  • The Abbot (poem by Arthur Doyle)
  • Music of the Day and Music of the Past (essay by Arthur Roskell)
  • Bluestocking Court (essay by Arthur Roskell)
  • After the Battle (poem by Arthur C. Doyle) [2]

It could be supposed that at least one Roskell text (The Students Dream) may have been inspired or even written by Arthur Conan Doyle as Doyle wrote A Students Dream in 1870 in a letter to his mother speaking of this poem for a "large theme book".

  1. He didn't yet attached Conan at this time.
  2. For this one he added the C.