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The Triumphs of Modern Engineering

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On tuesday 18 december 1888, Arthur Conan Doyle attended and spoke after "The Triumphs of Modern Engineering" lecture at the Portsmouth Literary and Scientific Society (PLSS) meeting held at the Guildhall, High-street (Portsmouth).


  • President/Chairman
    • Dr. Axford
  • Attendees
    • Sir George Langley
    • Miss Langley
    • General A. W. Grayson, F.R.A.S.
    • General J. W. Cox, C.B., F.R.G.S.
    • Miss Cox
    • General W. Ramsay
    • Rev. A. Aldwell
    • Mrs. Aldwell
    • Rev. S. Kenah, M.A., R.N.
    • Colonel F. Trevor
    • Colonel T. Bufson
    • Colonel Twynam
    • Mrs. Twynam
    • Captain R. Jackson, R.N.
    • Dr. Ward Cousins (Hon. Sec.)
    • Miss Cousins
    • Dr. C. C. Claremont
    • Mrs. C. C. Claremont
    • Dr. F. Way
    • Mrs. F. Way
    • Dr. A. Conan Doyle (Hon. Sec.)
    • Mrs. Doyle
    • Dr. Kirker
    • Dr. C. C. Childe
    • Dr. J. Watson
    • Miss Watson
    • Dr. Bernard J. Guillemard
    • Dr. J. R. Mould
    • Mrs. Lousada
    • Mrs. Wolseley
    • Mrs. Tomlinson
    • Miss Tomlinson
    • Mrs. Jeffery
    • Mr. George Long, J.P. (Hon. Treasurer)
    • Mr. J. Hay
    • Mr. Hugh S. Maclauchlan
    • Miss Rolland
    • Mr. G. G. Hardingham
    • Mr. and Mrs. Woolhouse
    • Mr. W. Inglis, R.N.
    • Mrs. Inglis
    • Mr. J. M. Ollis, R.N.
    • ** Mr. George Fremantle Ollis
    • ** Mr. A. H. Ford
    • ** Mr. W. K. Welch
    • ** Mr. J. R. Constantine
    • ** Mr. R. East
    • ** Mr. A. Howell
    • Mr. H. Moncreaff
    • Miss Moncreaff
    • Mr. W. Read
    • Mr. A. Fisher
    • Mr. T. D. A. Jewers
    • Mr. A. E. Cogswell
    • Mr. B. Carter
    • Mr. W. S. M. McCallum
    • Mr. G. A. Cook, R.N.
    • Mr. C. W. Ball
    • Mr. J. W. F. Allnutt
    • Mr. W. Ward
    • Mr. F. A. H. Way
    • Mr. J. Robinson
    • Mr. W. Edwards
    • Mr. S. Simpson
    • Mr. G. F. Bell
  • Elected members
    • Dr. Kirker
    • Mr. C. W. Ball
    • Mr. A. E. Gibson
    • Mr. G. G. Hardingham

Conan Doyle contribution

In the discussion which followed, Mr. ARCHIBALD FORD moved, Mr. GEO. OLLIS seconded, and Dr. CONAN DOYLE, Dr. CLAREMONT, and Dr. WARD COUSINS supported a vote of thanks to the lecturer.

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