To Honour Dorando

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To Honour Dorando is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in the Daily Mail on 25 July 1908.

Conan Doyle wrote this letter to gather funds in benefit to Dorando Pietri the disqualified winner of the Olympic Marathon in 1908.

To Honour Dorando

Daily Mail (25 july 1908, p. 5)

Sir, — May I add a short letter to the description of the race which I have been privileged to give in another column of The Daily Mail?

I am sure that no petty personal recompense can in the least console Dorando for the national loss which follows from his disqualification. Yet I am certain that many who saw his splendid effort in the Stadium, an effort which ran him within an inch of his life, would like to feel that he carries away some souvenir from his admirers in England.

I should be very glad to contribute five pounds to such a fund if any, of the authorities at the Stadium would consent to organise it.

Yours truly,

Arthur Conan Doyle.