Undershaw v. Grayshott Park

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Undershaw (Dr. Conan Doyle's Eleven) v. Grayshott Park is a cricket result published in The Sporting Life on 4 august 1898.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Undershaw) won.

Undershaw v. Grayshott Park

The Sporting Life (4 august 1898, p. 3)

This, the second match of the "week," played at Grayshott Park on August 2, is remarkable for the fact that Captain Trevor at the wicket caught or stumped no fewer than eight men in the innings of Grayshott Park, while A. H. Wood in bowling accounted for nine of the ten wickets, Score:—

UNDERSHAW. — H. Felgate 36, A. H. Wood 48, Rev. A. L Porter 49, E. H. Marriette 0, A. Conan Doyle 24, A. H. Sharman 8, Captain Trevor 33, E. Turle 11, P. Butler 0, G. Holden not out 5, Jan Arps 1; byes, &c., 45. — Total, 260.

GRAYSHOTT PARK. — B. B. Watson 14, B. Chandler 0, R. Dobell 6, F. Munro 5, J. Tristram 7, E. H. Weaver 3, C. E. Fraser 1, A. Harding 4, H. Bookham 0, C. Tristram 0, J. V. Macmillan not out 0; byes, &c., 7. — Total, 47.