Undershaw v. Haslemere (article 8 august 1902)

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Undershaw v. Haslemere is a cricket result published in The Sportsman on 8 august 1902.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Undershaw) won.

Undershaw v. Haslemere

The Sportsman (8 august 1902, p. 1)


The second match of Sir A. Conan Doyle's week was played at Haslemere on Bank Holiday, and ended in an exciting victory for the local team by 17 runs. Dr. Hutchinson played a fine forcing innings for the winning side, while A. H. Sharman made a great effort for the losers. Score:

Haslemere : T. E. Bromley, b Prichard, 3; W. D. Black, c Pritchard, b Fellgate, 3; A. T. Knight, c Wood, b Prichard, 18; R. G. Hutchinson, st Hornung, b Mariette, 102; W. Mortimer, b Snaith, 10; H. Madgwick, st Hornung, b Wood, 5; Rev. A. L. Keith, st Hornung, b Mariette, 12; A. H. Cheatle, c Prichard, b Doyle, 11; M. Mort, b Mariette, 7; J. C. Black, not out, 9; Rev. L. Corbett, b Mariette, 0; extras, 10. Total, 190.

Undershaw : J. C. Snaith, c Mortimer, b Corbett, 29; A. H. Wood, b Corbett, 8; Rev. A. L. Porter, run out, 15; Sir A. Conan Doyle, c Mortimer, b W. D. Black, 1; A. S. Homewood, c and b W. D. Black, 0; Hesketh-Prichard, b Mort, 34; A. H. Sharman, c and b Hutchinson, 52; Capt. Carpenter, b W. D. Black, 9; E. H. Mariette, not out, 4; H. H. Fellgate, c Corbett, b W. D. Black, 3; E. W. Hornung, c Hutchinson, b W. D. Black, 10; extras, 8. Total, 173.