United Services v. Hampshire Rovers (article 1 june 1898)

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United Services v. Hampshire Rovers is a cricket result published in The Sporting Life on 1 june 1898.

Result was a draw.

United Services v. Hampshire Rovers

The Sporting Life (1 june 1898, p. 3)


At the opening of this annual match at the Officers' Ground, Portsmouth, on Whit Monday, the Rovers were kept fielding the whole of the day, three individual centuries being made against them. In Lieut. Hickley's 101 there were nine 4's, Lieut. Sprot hit eighteen 4's, and Col. Spens had one 6, one 5, and seventeen 4's to his credit. At the resumption of the match yesterday the Services promptly declared their heavy innings closed, and the Rovers opened their batting with Dr. Conan Doyle and Rev. A. L. Porter. The result was a draw. The Royal Marine Artillery Band played during the afternoon. Score:—


  • Lieut. C. S. Hickley (R.N.), st Cumberlege, b Porter ... 101
  • Captain A. H. Luard (Staff), c Leveson-Gower, b Hinde ... 23
  • E. M. Sprot (85th), st Leveson-Gower, b Conan Doyle ... 176
  • Lieut.-Colonel J. Spens, c Pinnock, b Conan Doyle ... 131
  • J. H. Thresher (Rifle Brigade), not out ... 63
  • B 25, l-b 4, w 2 ... 31
  • Total (for 4 wkts.) ... 525*

(*) Innings declared closed.

G. I. Paget (Rifle Brigade), E. R. M. English (85th), Commander the Hon. R. F. Boyle (R.N.). S. Lloyd Owen (R.E.), C. E. Atchison (85th), and Captain B. St. J. Le Marchant (Staff) did not bat.


  • Rev. A. L. Porter, b Atchison ... 103
  • Dr. Conan Doyle, b Atchison ... 16
  • H. A. Lane, b Atchison ... 0
  • Rev. F. Leveson Gower, c Thresher, b Luard ... 37
  • Rev. C. R. Briggs, run out ... 12
  • A. Caldecott, c and b English ... 0
  • Dr. Kyffin, c Hickley, b Atchison ... 6
  • Captain Harrington, run out ... 7
  • H. C. F. Cumberlege, not out ... 29
  • C. B. Pinnock, run out ... 4
  • Surgeon-Captain Hinde b Boyle ... 0
  • Byes, &c. ... 14
  • Total ... 228

In the second innings, Dr. Conan Doyle c and b Boyle 11,. Cumberlege c and b Boyle 1, Leveson Gower not out 41, Briggs c Atchison b E. B. Spens 31, byes &c., 7. Total (for three wickets), 91.