Volunteer Training Corps (28 november 1914)

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Volunteer Training Corps is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in the Crowborough Weekly on 28 november 1914.

See also his second letter on the same topic: Volunteer Training Corps (3 december 1914, The Times).

Volunteer Training Corps

Sir, — A Volunteer Corps raised from men of non-military age is now enrolled in Crowborough and will soon number 50 men. What is desired now is that Buxted, Maresfield, Jarvis Brook, Rotherfield and other villages should enroll similar corps, which could all assemble together for route marches or exercises. The movement is now approved by the War Office, and it is every man's obvious duty to learn his drill and to practise shooting at the nearest miniature range. If the villages have no drill instructors the Crowborough Corps could, no doubt, set them on the right lines.

Yours &c.,

Crowborough, 24th November.