Volunteers and the War

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Volunteers and the War is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Times on 18 december 1899.

Volunteers and the War

The Times (18 december 1899, p. 11)


Sir, — The suggestion comes from many quarters that more colonials should be sent to the seat of war. But how can we in honour permit our colonial fellow-civilians to fill the gap when n,one of our own civilians have gone to the front? Great Britain is full of men who can ride and shoot. Might I suggest that lists should at least be opened and the names of those taken who are ready to go if required — preference might be given to those men Who can find their own horses? There are thousands of men riding after foxes or shooting pheasants who would gladly be useful to their country if it were made possible fur them. This war has at east taught the lesson that it only needs a brave man and a modern rifle to make a soldier.

Yours faithfully,

Undershaw, Hindhead, Haslemere.