Without a Clue

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Without a Clue (1988)

Without a Clue (working title: The Imposter of Baker Street) is a British movie released on 21 october 1988 (USA) and on 28 april 1989 (UK), produced by ITC Entertainement Group, starring Michael Caine as Sherlock Holmes and Ben Kingsley as Dr. Watson. 107 min.

The movie is undoubtedly the most funny parody ever made about Sherlock Holmes on cinema. The plot is original as the famous duo is somewhat reverted... Watson is the true mastermind who created the character of Sherlock Holmes and who has entrusted the role to a crazy actor who has all the flaws possible. The pace of the film never wavers and many gags are very precise. In addition, there is a lot of sherlockian reference. Thus, preceding the opening credits scene was directly inspired by The Red-Headed League with the arrest of John Clay. The movie won the 1989 Special Jury Prize at the detective film festival in Cognac (France).



  • Other titles:
    • As Desventuras de Sherlock Holmes (8 september 1989, Portugal)
    • Sherlock és én (15 february 1990, Hungary)
    • Genie und Schnauze (7 june 1990, Germany)
    • Epitelous, ligi sovarotita kyrie Sherlock Holmes (5 october 2003, Greece)
    • Sherlock & Eu (Brazil)
    • Senza indizio (Italy)
    • Bez traga (Serbia)
    • Без следа (Bulgaria)
    • Без единой улики (Russia)


  • Director : Thom Eberhardt
  • Producer : Marc Stirdivant
  • Screenplay : Gary Murphy, Larry Strawther
  • Cinematography : Alan Hume
  • Music : Henry Mancini