Young Sherlock: The Legacy of Doyle

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Young Sherlock: The Legacy of Doyle (MSX)
MSX Cartridge

Young Sherlock: The Legacy of Doyle (aka Sherlock: Doyle No Isan) is a verbal video game developed and published by Pack-In-Video Co. in 1987 on MSX platform (Japan only).

The game is based on the 1985 movie: Young Sherlock Holmes with Nicholas Rowe as Sherlock Holmes, but the game plot is different.


On december 1875, a millionaire called Doyle was murdered and Cindy, his daughter, was found at the crime scene. Roger, her fiancé, hires a young Sherlock Holmes to clear her name and help on the investigation.

Controlling Holmes and Watson, the player must investigate the murder of a millionaire by questioning witnesses and investigating parts of London. The screen is divided in three parts: a window at the bottom for text output, and above it an illustrative picture and a verb list. The verb commands used to interact with the game world are "walk", "examine", "talk", "listen", "show", "take", "inventory" and "use".

When the player walks from one place to the other, the picture portion transforms into an overhead map of London where a red square shows the position of Holmes and Watson. The player can move this square with the arrow keys, and position it over an interactive area to access it (the game writes a small description of the places the square touches). (