Conan Doyle und der Fall Edalji

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Conan Doyle und der Fall Edalji (1966)

Conan Doyle und der Fall Edalji (Conan Doyle and the Edalji Case) is a German TV movie written by Rolf Becker and Alexandra Becker, directed by Karlheinz Bieber, produced by Elan-Film, released on 29 june 1966, starring Paul Klinger as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Engel as George Edalji. 71 min.

Mrs. Edalji, the mother of George Edalji, consults Arthur Conan Doyle in order to innocent his son, accused of having mutilated horses and cattle. The writer slips into the role of his great hero sherlock holmes and starts to investigate...




  • Silas
  • Witnesses
  • Judge
  • Prosecutor


  • Director : Karlheinz Bieber
  • Screenplay : Rolf Becker, Alexandra Becker
  • Director's Assistant : Yosria Sabry
  • Production Manager : Fritz Fuhlert
  • Producer : Max Gierke
  • Film Editing : Inga Sauer
  • Sound : Bernd Schmid, Manfred Kohn
  • Costume Design : Else Heckmann
  • Production Design : Peter Scharff
  • Music : Rolf Unkel
  • Cameraman : Karl Schröder
  • Production Leader : Werner Roeder