Dressed to Kill

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Dressed to Kill (1946)

Dressed to Kill is an American movie released on 24 may 1946, produced by Universal Pictures, starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. 75 min. This is the 14th and last sherlockian movie in the Rathbone series.

Not adapted from an original story by Arthur Conan Doyle, but there is several references. Storyline has somewhat of The Six Napoleons. The fake fire alert to discover the hidden place (A Scandal in Bohemia). Lady Hilda has read the Sherlock Holmes' monograph on cigar ashes (STUD). Holmes says to Watson he has written a monograph on the variations of the human ears (CARD).

A convicted thief in Dartmoor prison hides the location of the stolen Bank of England printing plates inside three music boxes. When the innocent purchasers of the boxes start to be murdered, Holmes and Watson investigate.

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  • Photographer : Frank Baker
  • Doctor : Guy Bellis
  • Minister in Museum : Wilson Benge
  • Antique Shop Assistant : Marjorie Bennett
  • Pub Extra : Ted Billings
  • Minister's Wife : Lillian Bronson
  • Sgt. Thompson : Tom Dillon
  • The Kilgour Child : Topsy Glyn
  • Cab Driver : Charlie Hall
  • Alfred, auction bookkeeper : Olaf Hytten
  • Singing Busker : Delos Jewkes
  • Pub Extra : Tiny Jones
  • Convict : Guy Kingsford
  • Police Detective : William H. O'Brien
  • Joe Cisto, Pub Pianist : Wally Scott
  • Teacher in Museum : Anita Sharp-Bolster
  • Tobacconist : Sally Shepherd


  • Director : Roy William Neill
  • Producer : Roy William Neill
  • Executive Producer : Howard Benedict
  • Screenplay : Leonard Lee
  • Adaptation : Frank Gruber
  • Director of Photography : Maury Gertsman
  • Film Editor : Saul A. Goodkind
  • Musical Director : Milton Rosen
  • Art Directors : Jack Otterson, Martin Obzina
  • Director of Sound : Bernard B. Brown
  • Technician : Glenn E. Anderson
  • Set Decorations : Russell A. Gausman, Edward R. Robinson
  • Gowns : Vera West
  • Hair Stylist : Carmen Dirigo
  • Director of Make-Up : Jack P. Pierce
  • Dialogue Director : Raymond Kessler
  • Assistant Director : Melville Shyer