The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (radio 1946-1947)

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The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is an American radio show, written by Denis Green & Anthony Boucher, broadcasted from 12 october 1946 to 7 july 1947 on American Broadcasting Company (ABC), starring Tom Conway (and once Ben Wright) as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. The announcer was Joseph Bell and the show was sponsored by Kremel Hair Products (Kremel Hair Tonic & Kremel Shampoo).

From 1939 to 1946, Basil Rathbone played Sherlock Holmes with his friend Nigel Bruce on cinema and radio. In 1946, he was proposed to continue for 7 more years, but he wanted to go back to stage and had enough with Sherlock Holmes. So, on 27 may 1946, Rathbone played his last episode on radio: The Singular Affair of the Baconian Cipher. Tom Conway was chosen to replace Rathbone. Except Watson (Nigel Bruce), all changed: cast, sponsor, writers... and the audience was somewhat disturbed and didn't like Conway that much. At the end of the season (which last 38 episodes), John Stanley and Alfred Shirley replaced Conway as Sherlock Holmes.

The shows were broadcasted on Saturdays, 8.30-9pm (episodes 1-14) and on Mondays 8.30-9pm (episodes 15-38).

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