A Canine Sherlock Holmes

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A Canine Sherlock Holmes (1912)

A Canine Sherlock Holmes is a British silent movie released in 1912, produced by The Charles Urban Trading Co., directed by Stuart Kinder, starring Hawkshaw the Detective and Spot the dog. Black & White.

Hawkshaw the Detective was a comic created by Gus Mager, very popular between 1910 and 1925 as Sherlocko the Monk and from 1922 to 1951 a Hawkshaw.

Survival status: Print exists at EYE Filmmuseum in Amsterdam.

When villains use poisoned coins to rob a bank, the authorities send for Hawkshaw the detective to track them down. Thanks to Spot's sense of smell, the dog finds the robber's house. The dog simulates a wounded leg to be introduced in the house. Inside he steals an envelop where the address of the house is written and leaves the house. He gives the envelop to Hawkshaw. The detective and the dog go to the robber's den. After a fight with the robber, Hawkshaw writes a letter to the police and sends Spot. In the meantime, accomplices come to the rescue of the robber and they shot Hawkshaw. The police arrives and the accomplices flee. They arrest the robber and Hawkshaw shows his bullet-proof vest.



  • Detective Hawkshaw : unknown
  • Spot the dog : Spot the Urbanora Dog
  • Rest of the cast unknown


  • 1. (A Canine Sherlock Holmes) [1]
  • 2. The Bank Robbery
  • 3. Poisoned gol. Note neele point on face of coin. On the finger being pricked by it the person is rendered unconscious.*
  • 4. "If you move within one hour this bomb will be fired by wireless wave and the bank blown up."
  • 5. 'Phone for detective Hawkshaw.
  • 6. Later. Spot on the scent.
  • 7. Spot, fining himself shut out, pretends he is run over and by this clever ruse gains admission to the house...
  • 8. ... and collects a few useful clues.
  • 9. Hawkshaw returns from the theatre.
  • 10. Taken by surprise.

  1. Probably. Not seen.