A Study in Terror (movie 1965)

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A Study in Terror (1965)

A Study in Terror is a British movie released on October 1965, produced by Compton / Sir Nigel Films, starring John Neville as Sherlock Holmes and Donald Houston as Dr. Watson. 95 min.

In the newspaper, Watson found two murder cases quite similar near Whitechapel. Sherlock Holmes is immediately motivated to deploy his methods of observation and deduction on many clues apparently meaningless. He quickly concluded that the victims were prostitutes, and follow the track from a pawnbroker to the highest aristocratic circles.

The plot is based on Fog, written by Adrian Conan Doyle, co-producer of the movie with his production company Sir Nigel Films.





  • Man in crowd : Herman Cohen
  • Max Steiner : Michael Collins (voice)
  • Whore in pub : Harriet Devine
  • Whore in pub : Sally Douglas
  • Rupert : Jeremy Lloyd
  • Rupert's friend : Corin Redgrave
  • Streetwalker : Donna White
  • Bearded beggar : Fred Wood



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