Civilian Riflemen (9 january 1901)

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Civilian Riflemen is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Westminster Gazette on 9 january 1901.

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Civilian Riflemen

The Westminster Gazette
(9 january 1901, p. 2)

To the Editor of The Westminster Gazette.

Sir, — I will not trespass upon the patience of your readers any longer, but will only refer your correspondent "Imperial Defence " to the admirable article upon this subject in the Spectator this week, which states the case for the riflemen with great lucidity and force. I can assure "Imperial Defence" that all his fears are groundless, and that the fact that our civilians are teaching themselves to shoot will not in any way retard the formation of a mobile and well-organised regular army. There is no connexion between the two things, and they cannot interfere with each other. — Yours faithfully,

Undershaw, Hindhead, Haslemere.