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P.-V. Stock is a French publishing company still existing today as "Éditions Stock". The company took the name of its director Pierre-Victor Stock (1861-1943) in 1877, but the company existed since 8 may 1708, founded by André Cailleau, and was known as "Au Temple du goût" (At the Temple of Taste). In the early 20th century, Stock ran into legal and financial difficulties. It was taken over in 1921 by Maurice Delamain and Jacques Chardonne, who renamed it "Éditions Stock, Delamain et Boutelleau". In 1961, Delamain and Chardonne sold Stock to Hachette, but still remained active as Éditions Stock.

The company published 12 books including 24 short stories and 7 novels written by Arthur Conan Doyle between 1908 and 1911.

The stories were translated by Albert Savine and some by Georges Michel.

Conan Doyle published by P.-V. Stock


Mystères et Aventures (1908)


La Grande ombre (1909)
Mystères et Aventures (1909)

Le Parasite
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 31)

La Grande ombre
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 34)

Un début en médecine
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 36)


Nouveaux Mystères et Aventures (1910)
Idylle de banlieue (1910)
Jim Harrison, boxeur (1910)

Nouveaux Mystères et Aventures
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 39)

Idylle de banlieue
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 40)

Jim Harrison, boxeur
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 43)

La Merveilleuse découverte de Raffles Haw (1910)
Micah Clarke: Les Recrues de Monmouth (1910)

La Merveilleuse découverte de Raffles Haw
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 44)

Micah Clarke: Les Recrues de Monmouth
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 50)


Le Capitaine Micah Clarke (1911)
Derniers mystères et aventures (1911)
La Bataille de Sedgemoor (1911)

Le Capitaine Micah Clarke
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 51)

Derniers mystères et aventures
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 52)

La Bataille de Sedgemoor
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 53)

Un duo (1911)

Un duo
(Bibliothèque Cosmopolite No. 56)

  • Un duo
    (A Duet, with an Occasional Chorus)