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Robert Barr (1905)

Robert Barr (16 september 1849 – 21 october 1912) was a Scottish-Canadian writer and a friend of Arthur Conan Doyle. He also founded the magazine The Idler which published 1 novel, 6 short stories and 1 article (The Glamour of the Arctic) written by Arthur Conan Doyle and 1 interview of Conan Doyle.

Conan Doyle about Robert Barr

  • Literature at the Booksellers' Dinner (letter, 12 april 1893)
    • « I mentioned two well-known Canadian writers, Gilbert Parker and Robert Barr. Even the desirability of brevity does not justify your representative in telescoping then together, and naming the compound Gilbert Barr. I should be obliged if you would publish this slight correction. »
  • Rodney Stone (preface, 1896)
    • « I am also much indebted to my friends Mr. J. C. Parkinson and Robert Barr for information upon the subject of the ring. »
  • Through the Magic Door (december 1906 and november 1907, Cassell's Magazine )
    • « They are the three volumes of "Pugilistica," given me years ago by my old friend, Robert Barr, a mine in which you can never pick for half an hour without striking it rich. »
  • Memories and Adventures (chap. XII, 1924)
    • « He [Jerome K. Jerome] was associated in the editorship of "The Idler" with Robert Barr, a volcanic Anglo-or rather Scot-American, with a violent manner, a wealth of strong adjectives, and one of the kindest of natures underneath it all. »

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