The Scarlet Claw

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The Scarlet Claw (1944)

The Scarlet Claw is an American movie released on 18 may 1944, produced by Universal Pictures, starring Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. 74 min. This is the 8th sherlockian movie in the Rathbone series.

While attending a conference in Quebec City, Sherlock Holmes and his good friend Dr. Watson are drawn into a murder investigation in the nearby village of La Mort Rouge. Holmes had received a letter from Lady Penrose asking for his assistance as she feared for her life. It was too late however as she had already been killed by the time he received it. Her throat was torn out and the local villagers are spreading rumors about monsters and evil spirits as being the cause. Holmes doesn't believe any of that and sets out to find the killer. He believes that Lady Penrose's past as an actress may have something to with her death. As others in the village are attacked, Holmes believes the killer is among them, impersonating a local villager as he goes about his business.

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  • Bill Taylor : Harry Allen
  • Lady Lillian Gentry Penrose : Gertrude Astor
  • Villager #1 : Frank Austin
  • Villager #2 : Ted Billings
  • Villager #3 : Horace B. Carpenter
  • Hotel Bellhop : Bill Cartledge
  • Member of Royal Canadian Occult Society : William Desmond
  • Assistant : Al Ferguson
  • Inspector : Clyde Fillmore
  • Sir John : Charles Francis
  • Father Pierre : George Kirby
  • Assistant Police Inspector  : Charles Knight
  • Member of Royal Canadian Occult Society : Eric Mayne
  • Groom : Norbert Muller
  • Andy Trent : Pietro Sosso
  • Musician : Tony Travers


  • Director : Roy William Neill
  • Producer : Roy William Neill
  • Screenplay : Edmund L. Hartmann, Roy William Neill
  • Original Story : Paul Gangelin, Brenda Weisberg
  • Director of Photography : George Robinson
  • Musical Director : Paul Sawtell
  • Art Directors : John B. Goodman, Ralph M. DeLacy
  • Director of Sound : Bernard B. Brown
  • Technician : Robert Pritchard
  • Set Decorations : Russell A. Gausman, Ira S. Webb
  • Film Editor : Paul Landres
  • Dialogue Director : Stacey Keach
  • Special Photography : John P. Fulton