The Superfluous Finger

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The Superfluous Finger

The Superfluous Finger is the 7th episode in season 2 of the BBC TV series: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Aired on 11 march 1973. 50 min.

Professor Van Dusen is a fictional character created by Jacques Futrelle in 1904.

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Plot summary

Asked to perform an unnecessary amputation, a London surgeon calls on his colleague, Prof. Van Dusen, to learn the reason for the gruesome request. Van Dusen's investigation leads him to a country house; a mad, shotgun-toting aristocrat; and an incident three years earlier.


  • Prof. Van Dusen : Douglas Wilmer
  • Sir Hector Drummond : William Mervyn
  • Miss Rossmore / Mrs. Morey : Veronica Strong
  • Prescott : Laurence Payne
  • Mallory : Charles Morgan
  • Roderick Varley : Mark Eden
  • Sterling : Wallas Eaton
  • Morey : Dennis Chinnery
  • Doctor : Robert Hartley
  • Station Sergeant : William Moore
  • Receptionist : Margaret John
  • Police constable : Michael Guest

  • Director : Derek Bennett
  • Screenplay : Julian Bond
  • Producers : Reginald Collin, Kim Mills
  • Music : Robert Sharples